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Anonymous: How do you do to be vegan? I mean, I respect you a lot for what you're doing, but what do you eat? Can you give me some recipes? Maybe it'll give me the taste to become vegan :)

Hello friend :) there’s tons of vegan alternatives to basically any food imaginable. I usually stick with natural foods: fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes, and seeds. Things that come from the Earth! BUT—that’s just the basics :) there’s absolutely no need for consuming or otherwise using animals in this day and age, so I do not. Being vegan also isn’t just a “diet”, it’s a LIFESTYLE! Being vegan is not a sacrifice, but a joy. There’s absolutely no tastes or anything I miss from consuming animal products. I feel like such a healthier person in general, mentally and physically, since becoming vegan. I feel more connected to myself and with animals. I am now aware of the compassion I have within myself, and I want to make a difference. Being vegan is not hard, not at all. It is simply compassion, an putting other beings before your taste buds or selfish wants. Animals are sentient beings that deserve to live a life free of torture, abuse, rape, and neglect; by not consuming animals or their by-products, I am taking a stand against the meat and dairy industries. I will post some yummy, cruelty-free dishes maybe later but I read this ask right as I was getting into bed. Goodnight!

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